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5 Day Course


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5 Day Course (3+1+1)

This course is not available for individual delegate registration. It was designed for the Greater Manchester and Cheshire Cardiac Network. The first such course was run in November 2004 (3 days) and in January and February (one day each) 2005. The course was designed to cater for 60 delegates. In the event there were approximately 120 applications. As a result, a repeat of the course is scheduled for early 2006. Delegates on the first course included, general practitioners, intensive care nurses, heart failure clinic lead nurses and one consultant from accident and emergency medicine.

The “3-1-1” course. This is currently the longest course we give and its design is unusual. It has been specifically organised in this way to facilitate understanding, learning, retention and subsequent clinical reliability.

The first three days of the course run consecutively and sequentially deal with (i) the normal ECG (Day 1), (ii) morphological abnormalities of the ECG (Day 2) and (iii) cardiac arrhythmias (Day 3). The emphasis is on explanation of the way in which the normal and abnormal appearances arise, in order to facilitate understanding and retention.

After an interval of 4-6 weeks (during which time delegates are encouraged to read records taken on their own patients following the interpretation algorithm provided) there is a further one-day session (Day 4), which revises the morphological aspects of the normal ECG and the common morphological abnormalities and gives each delegate the opportunity personally to interpret 45 12-lead ECG recordings. After another interval of 4-6 weeks there is a final one-day session (Day 5), which revises the normal cardiac rhythm and the common arrhythmias and presents 55 ECGs for interpretation. Hence the course is “3+1+1” (days). In days 4 and 5 the emphasis is on learning the relevant criteria and applying these in practical ECG interpretation.

Interactivity. The course is at all times interactive, and delegates are encouraged to interrupt whenever they experience any difficulty in understanding a concept or in agreeing with the presenters. The atmosphere is friendly and every effort is made to ensure that there is no sense of stress or intimidation. The objective of facilitating learning and understanding cannot be achieved if delegates are made to feel insecure or inadequate. It is essential that complete rapport between presenters and delegates is both achieved and maintained.

Practical ECG interpretation. The emphasis during the first three (consecutive) days is on understanding the normal and abnormal ECG and on learning the criteria for normality and for specific abnormalities. The emphasis during the subsequent (separate) 2 days is on revision and on exposure to multiple examples. The intention is that each delegate will, during the duration of the course, personally attempt to read a minimum of 100 ECGs.

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